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Taking your Sales Game to the Next Level
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About Next Pitch Sales Solutions
Ketsie Wilkins
Owner/Sales Coach

Ketsie is a trainer and coach who focuses on helping sales and customer service professionals and teams remove obstacles and take their production to the next level through coaching, training, and one on one feedback. With over 18 years of experience in sales and customer service leadership, Ketsie has managed, recruited, and trained sales teams. Her experience spans many industries including insurance, financial services, telemarketing, and training. Ketsie gained her direct sales experience working for Dale Carnegie Training of Iowa where she was responsible for sales as well as instructing Dale Carnegie Training Courses including; Public Speaking, Sales Advantage, Human Relations, and Leadership Training for Managers. Her enthusiasm and passion and sales mentality comes across in the classroom in her practical hands on approach to getting people engaged in creating their personal success solutions. Ketsie holds a BA in Communications with an emphasis in Marketing from the University of Iowa.

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As the mother of three boys I have spent a lot of time around the game of baseball. One day, I found myself sitting in the stands on a beautiful Saturday morning watching my youngest play Short Stop for his team. After making an error, Brett was really upset and kicked the dirt, threw his hat down and pounded his head with his glove. Then, I heard his coach yell, “ BRETT—NEXT PITCH!” Those two words had my son focused, hat and glove in place, and in the ready-position within seconds. 

I was amazed at the clarity and truth behind those two little words. In those words his coach delivered a very powerful message. What's done is done, and there was plenty of game left to play. What's important is to learn from our mistakes and move on. The "Next Pitch" is on it’s way! 

In life (and especially in sales), there is always a NEXT PITCH. You could spend your time focusing on the "one that got away" and waste your energy over-thinking the mistakes and tough times...but isn’t it more productive to learn from the experiences and get ready for the next thing coming your way? 

There will always be another client, job, and sale to pitch. Like in the game of baseball, sales is a game of failures where you are guaranteed to have your share of "strike outs." Those who have the greatest chance of sales success are those who stay in the game and get back up to bat.  

Next Pitch Sales Solutions focuses on helping individuals and sales teams reach the next level of success by teaching important skills to see real results. We are here to coach, train, and change your game. There is always a next pitch….are you ready?

The Story Behind the Name